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Human Beans

human beans


These subsonic freqencies have, in some cases, caused euphoria and hallucinations in our listeners.

This album compiled from numerous sessions at the Rancho de la Luna over the last couple of years is a good snapshot of earthlings? music today. It is our belief that recent earthquake activity in and around Joshua Tree contributed in part to our channelings of the frequencies that one feels when listening to "Human Beans". With help from our friends we have constructed a non-metallic disc designed to physically rejuvenate all who are exposed to it by supplying a broad range of electromagnetic vibrations to recharge ones cell structure.
Surrounded by the vastness of the desert, earthlings? are mixing up timeless influences from Suicide, Pink Floyd and Can with the avantgarde electronica of Pierre Henry or Brian Eno, and define their own genre between 70s glam and the evil 80s. Groovy, dark numbers ("Rock Dove", "Vegan Meth") change with mystic minimalism ("Piano Falls And Kills","Lifeboat") and pop jewels like "Ground Control" or "Moons Over Millenium". Still we´re not able to describe the world of earthlings? appropriate, but with their ambient-neon-rock they push the borders a little bit closer to sub-space for sure. Mysterious, heroic, glamorous. We will all be heroes, baby.
The CD is supplied with a special enhanced-part, packed with infos (bio, photos, discography) , a screen-saver (WIN98) and the video as avi-file. In addition, there is a hidden track which can be found by starting track 1 and pushing the rewind button.

cdhw059 | cd


5.00 EUR


01.Visionary messenger
02.Ground control
03.Piano alls and kills
05.Rock dove
06.Johnny b.goode
07.Vegan meth
08.Moons over milleniums
09.From beyond space valley
10.You will say
11.Big hairy spyder


Released 2000-07-01
Disco Marching Kraft

10.00 EUR


Disco Marching Kraft

25.00 EUR


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