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Suns Lungs

suns lungs

Suns Lungs

Returning from a successful thrift store safari in Ventura, we find ourselves cruising past the Downtown LA exit on the city’s six-lane expressway. Twenty minutes later, we shift down for the Highland Park Area turn. Previously known as Garvanza, this used to be the old Latin quarter - back when the locals lived of the land, cultivating row upon row of beans.

Covered in a web of narrow roots, a lemon tree casts its cool shade over the worn veranda. In the wild 1960s, this house, built back in the 20s from fine wood and stone, used to belong to Small Faces keyboarder Ian McLagan. Now home to born Irishman Tommy Grenas, a teak-coloured screen door opens up to a living room furnished with records and space age decor. From the kitchen, we make our way down the narrow stairs to the basement. Our nostrils are met by the heavy scent of a thickly carpeted brickwork retreat. A large collection of vintage instruments, flanked by eager, hungry amps and a drum kit well-worn to suggests advanced age, rest easily against the wall. Welcome to HQ and lab of Suns Lungs: Tommy Grenas, Nigma Hondo, Michael Esther, Bryan Lee Brown, James Carrington Brown IV and Julian Goldwhite.

Pushing forward yard by yard, a snare sets the pace with clear-cut strokes, hotly pursued (and sometimes passed) by sparse and slaloming ’74 Dusseldorf guitars. Separated by interstellar keyboards, the sound is stabilised and reinforced by even more precisely stringed wall of sounds. Revving up for their racy, yet laid-back overtaking manoeuvres, Suns Lungs frequently change lanes without losing track of their own identity. Ten long-distance trips between 3:08 and 5:10 minutes. Ten hands. Ten finely tuned, organic, exact and exacting short stories!

cdhw104 | cd



01. Malaria (4:00)
02. Simple holy none (3:58)
03. And6into5 (3:44)
04. Fruity schieze V2 (3:28)
05. Notre damn (4:11)
06. Perfect vacuum (3:06)
07. Poor michelle (3:55)
08. Tetra C (5:13)
09. White speckled haunch (4:31)
10. Nice day (4:58)


Released 2008-11-01

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